Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Butler Louis

Hazelnut Latte
S Mug
1 shot
20~30 ℓ
Hazelnut 2
Peppermint Latte
S Mug
Pass shot
Low-lactose Milk
20~30 ℓ
Iced Vanilla Latte
S Cup
Ice A little
2 shots
Low-lactose Milk
Pass °c
20~30 ℓ
Vanilla 2
Premium Iced Vanilla Latte
S Cup
Ice A little
1 shot
Low-lactose Milk
Pass °c
20~30 ℓ
Vanilla 4

• Are you meeting someone at my cafe?
• Butler? I thought butlers only existed in movies.
• How do you like my coffee?
• I saw a pretty-looking gift sitting next to you.
• I've seen you talking to foreigners.
• Wow, do you iron your clothes yourself?
• You love shopping, don't you?
• You're extremely proper, judging by the way you hold a fork.

• Are you sure you can be out of the mansion for this long?
• It seems like you’re always on the lookout for something
• I’ve discovered a place that sells high quality tea leaves
• I’ve noticed you’re always wearing white gloves
• We’re just brought in some new tea
• Wow, you can do anything, huh?
• You buy something every day, and everything you buy is so pretty
• Your Lady must be so happy, getting gift every day

• Come with your lady sometime.
• Did you buy something for your lady again today?
• Does your lady like coffee too?
• How does she like your gifts?
• How long have you served this lady of yours?
• What kind of person is your lady?
• What would you like to have today?
• Where did you leave your lady?

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