Saturday, 1 August 2015


Traditional Black Tea
S Mug
How Water
Black Tea Water
20~30 ℓ

• Ah, there he is!
• Did you come after school?
• How's the interior of the cafe?
• Oh.. You look so elegant. Are you a lady from the family that Louis serves?
• Which coffee would you like?
• Who do you respect the most?
• With such blessed lifestyle, you don't have any reason to get jealous of anyone, do you!


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Butler Louis

Hazelnut Latte
S Mug
1 shot
20~30 ℓ
Hazelnut 2
Peppermint Latte
S Mug
Pass shot
Low-lactose Milk
20~30 ℓ
Iced Vanilla Latte
S Cup
Ice A little
2 shots
Low-lactose Milk
Pass °c
20~30 ℓ
Vanilla 2
Premium Iced Vanilla Latte
S Cup
Ice A little
1 shot
Low-lactose Milk
Pass °c
20~30 ℓ
Vanilla 4

• Are you meeting someone at my cafe?
• Butler? I thought butlers only existed in movies.
• How do you like my coffee?
• I saw a pretty-looking gift sitting next to you.
• I've seen you talking to foreigners.
• Wow, do you iron your clothes yourself?
• You love shopping, don't you?
• You're extremely proper, judging by the way you hold a fork.

• Are you sure you can be out of the mansion for this long?
• It seems like you’re always on the lookout for something
• I’ve discovered a place that sells high quality tea leaves
• I’ve noticed you’re always wearing white gloves
• We’re just brought in some new tea
• Wow, you can do anything, huh?
• You buy something every day, and everything you buy is so pretty
• Your Lady must be so happy, getting gift every day

• Come with your lady sometime.
• Did you buy something for your lady again today?
• Does your lady like coffee too?
• How does she like your gifts?
• How long have you served this lady of yours?
• What kind of person is your lady?
• What would you like to have today?
• Where did you leave your lady?

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Tiger-eyed Boy

  • Chu~❤
  • Good!!
  • Hey, beautiful girl.
  • How much should I tip you?
  • Let's go!
  • Oops, sorry.
  • Really?
  • Thanks.

  • Busy morning 7/12 (10)
  • Cold urban girl 3/9 (6)
  • People at the top of their game 3/21 (10)

Hampton Princess

  • Ah, dust.
  • Huh? Ah, I see.
  • I came because... well, your coffee isn't too bad.
  • I'm glad.
  • Money? It's just paper to me.
  • That's noblesse oblige.
  • This is delicious, I'll give you that.
  • Spending money wisely is more important than making it.
  • Your shop is quite spacious, though not as much as my house.

Attractive Lenses (Boy)

  • Are you going to make me wait?
  • How much do you want for this shop?
  • I'm considering the purchase of another yacht.
  • Is this one of those coffee shops?
  • Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?
  • This is delicious. May I have another?
  • This place isn't too bad.
  • Work? Love? Money makes everything possible.

  • Busy morning 6/12 (10)
  • I love the weekend! 5/7 (8)

Parisian Girls

  • Ah, my legs.
  • Do you mind if I take a picture of your cafe?
  • Have you seen Sam?
  • I need to touch-up my makeup
  • Is there an ATM around here?
  • It's delicious. Heh heh!
  • Merci
  • This cafe is more Parisian than the ones in Paris.
  • Where should I go next?

  • Aiming higher 4/11
  • Smile & Smile 3/7

Sweet Girl Lenses

  • I love it here~
  • I'm bored...
  • Lalala Hmmhmm♪
  • Oh.. I don't wanna go home!
  • Oh, happy day!
  • Watching people's kinda fun.
  • Where is she…
  • Yippee!!!
  • Yummy~

  • Day of the Girl 4/10 (5)
  • Healthy Menus 3/5 (12)
  • It's Brunch Time! 9/9
  • Lena's Quilt Cafe 4/5
  • Rocky's Log House Café 1/9